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Our strategic goals

Our strategic goals were originally set in 2012 to cover the five year period between 2012-2017 and are reviewed annually. 

They form the basis of our corporate objectives for each financial year.  

Strategic goals and corporate objectives for 2016/17

  • Quality and safety is our top priority
  • We will get the basics right and create a learning organisation that focuses on service improvement  and learning



Q1. Deliver year 2 of the journey to outstanding (j2o) plan, with quality and safety as our top priority.  

Q2. Deliver the 3 quality priorities

Q3. Strengthen the involvement of patients, their families and carers with their care and with service improvements and developments.  

Q4. Increase the evidenced learning from incidents and serious incidents. 

Q5. Develop and implement a trust wide education and training plan with a focus on service improvement. 

Members of the trust's community neuro-rehab team

We will develop:

  • a highly skilled and engaged workforce that champions our values and delivers on our vision

  • patient, public and carer engagement

  • partnerships


P1. Significantly reduce our vacancy rate by improving recruitment and retention

P2. Comply with the agency ceiling of £5,425,000

P3. Deliver the staff survey action plan to improve staff engagement, satisfaction and wellbeing

P4. Achieve measurable improvements in staff, patient, public and carer engagement

P5. Improve partnerships with key stakeholders including CCGs, GP Federations, local authorities, Healthwatch organisations and higher education

P6. Deliver our 2016/17 equality and diversity action plan

We will design services to meet the needs of our local population in health and illness, playing a key role in the delivery of plans to integrate health and social care services by 2020.


  • W1. Deliver the objectives of the Richmond outcome based commissioning contract, with clear plans for the ‘transition’ period

  • W2.  Support the delivery of whole systems integrated care in Hounslow with a path towards accountable care partnerships and capitated budgets

  • W3. Contribute to the delivery of the NW London and SW London sustainability and transformation plans (STPS)

  • W4. Develop system wide transformation plans with partners including health and social care integration plans; 7 day working and transforming care for people with learning disabilities

As a small, agile, locally focussed community healthcare provider, we will use resources effectively and efficiently, working with partners to deliver the five year forward view.


S1. Implement service improvements to be “better, cheaper, faster, safer,” delivering our surplus and cost improvement programme (CIP) targets

S2. Optimise SystmOne and implement mobile working to optimise patient care

S3. Produce a HRCH digital roadmap to achieve paper free services

S4.  Deliver a plan by October 2016 to achieve a reduction in corporate and admin costs to the level required by the carter review

S5. Support the achievement of system sustainability and strategic reinvestment of savings

HRCH's strategic objectives 2016-17
You can find out about the trust's Quality Objectives here; and our vision and values here.