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Our strategic goals

Our strategic goals were originally set in 2012 to cover the five year period between 2012-2017 and are reviewed annually. 

They form the basis of our corporate objectives for each financial year.  

Strategic goals and corporate objectives for 2017/18

Strategic objectives 2017-18


  • Patient quality and safety is our top priority.

  • We will strive to deliver outstanding care to the people we serve.


Q.1 For all core services to be rated ‘Good’ in all 5 domains and for each core service to achieve ‘outstanding’ in a minimum of 1 domain.

Q.2 For all service to be safe today and every day.

Members of the trust's community neuro-rehab team


We will:

• attract and develop a highly skilled and engaged workforce that champions our values and delivers on our vision.

• actively engage with patients, public and carers to improve the care we provide at every level.


P1. Reduce vacancy rate to 10% with no service above 15% and turnover rate below 17%.

P.2 Improve engagement with our staff.

P.3 Improve engagement with the people we serve.


We will design services to meet the needs of our local population in health and illness, playing a key role in the delivery of plans to integrate health and social care services by 2020.


W1. We are active participants in and lead, where appropriate, on the development and delivery of integrated health and social care systems in Hounslow and Richmond in line with NWL and SWL STPs.

W2. We continue to develop strong partnerships which support the delivery of the STP plans.


As an agile, locally focussed community healthcare provider, we will use resources effectively and efficiently, working with partners to deliver the five year forward view.


S1. Achieve financial planned targets.

S2. Identify new opportunities to be better, safer, faster and cheaper.

S3. Achieve interoperability across care partners/care providers.

You can find out about the trust's Quality Objectives here; and our vision and values here.