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Family Nurse Partnership (Hounslow)

A Family Nurse Partnership nurse with a mother and child

About the Family Nurse Partnership:

The Family Nursing Partnership (FNP) aims to reduce social exclusion for first time mothers who are aged nineteen years old or under.

We can help patients to:

  • Reduce smoking during pregnancy

  • Have greater intervals between and fewer subsequent births

  • Have fewer accidents

  • Reduce child abuse and neglect

  • Better language development in children

  • Increase employment opportunities 

  • Greater involvement of fathers   

Who can we work with? 

Clients receiving Family Nurse Partnership need to give consent to participate and must be:

  • Aged 19 years old or under

  • Have a Hounslow  GP or live in the London Borough of Hounslow 

  • First pregnancy as confirmed by health professional (included if previous pregnancy ended in miscarriage, stillbirth or termination.  Multiple births also included)

  • Notified to the Family Nurse Partnership no later than 28 weeks of pregnancy.

Those unable to participate in Family Nurse Partnership:

  • Women who plan to have their child adopted 

  • Women who plan to leave Hounslow before their child reaches 2 years of age, for an extended period of time (3 months or longer) or permanently.

Daisy Townson  
Family Nurse Partnership Supervisor
3rd Floor
Heart of Hounslow
92 Bath Road

Tel: 020 3771 6060

Patients can refer themselves to the Family Nurse Partnership service, or referrals can be made by:

  • GPs

  • midwifery services 

  • Connexions 

  • educational organisations

  • voluntary sector 

  • youth services 

  • social care 

To refer yourself, or to refer a patient to the Family Nurse Partnership, please call: 020 8630 3188

To use this service patients must: 

  • Have a Hounslow GP or live in the London Borough of Hounslow
  • Be aged 19 years or younger
  • First pregnancy confirmed by a health professional (included if previous pregnancy ended in termination, miscarriage or still birth)
  • Notified to Family Nurse Partnership Team no later than 28 weeks of pregnancy.  
  • Daisy Townson - Family nurse partnership supervisor
  • Tara  Conway - family nurse
  • Jo  Parkes - family nurse 
  • Kate Burgess - Family Nurse
  • Taz Begum - Family Nurse 
  • Raj Padda - Quality support officer