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Changes to Phlebotomy forms in Hounslow

From 1 December 2013, the Trust's Phlebotomy Service will no longer accept Quest Diagnostic referral forms or photocopied pathology request forms.

During the last 18 months, the three pathology suppliers used by GP practices across Hounslow have changed to Surrey Pathology, Hillingdon Hospital and TDL. All three of these pathology suppliers run automated laboratories that rely on the unique barcode and number printed on each pathology form. These forms are patient specific generated through SystmOne by the referring GP and should be given to the patients to bring to their appointments at the phlebotomy clinics or faxed with the referral to SPA for community patients.

It is important that these electronically generated forms are used as:

  • The barcode is unique to each patient and allows an audit trail for the samples through the automated laboratories and the return of results to the referring GP
  • The forms indicate to the phlebotomist the colour of bottle and amount of blood required for the tests requested
  • Each of the pathology suppliers uses different vaccutainer bottles within their automated system. The phlebotomy staff need to select the correct bottles for the correct supplier reducing the number of different forms received reduces the risk of incorrect bottle selection.

Several GP practices continue to use pathology forms from previous suppliers or photocopied forms therefore re-using the unique numbers. Over the past year the phlebotomy service have contacted the practices involved individually concerning the incorrect use of these forms. Please note that following discussion with our

Director of Quality & Clinical Excellence it has been decided that we will no longer accept forms from Quest Diagnostic or photocopied forms from Sunday 1 December 2013.

During the month of November we will ensure that there are signs within the phlebotomy department to inform patients of this change in practice. If a patient attends clinic with one of these forms they will not have their blood taken and be asked to return to their referring GP for the correct pathology form. (Children will have their blood taken but the GP practice and CCG will be informed of the incident.)

Further information or queries:

If you have any queries concerning this please email Teresa Keegal, Practice Development Nurse / Phlebotomy Servuce Manager.

You can find out more about the paediatric phlebotomy service here, and adult service here.

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