Filming and photography at HRCH NHS Trust

Teddington Memorial Hospital.jpgWe receive a large number of requests for filming and photography at our clinics and health centres. We cannot agree to all requests and reserve the right to decline.   We also have a duty to protect the confidentiality of our patients, so photography and filming is not allowed in some areas.

Anyone found filming or photographing without the permission of our communications team will be asked to leave immediately by security and footage and photographs may be confiscated.

Filming at any of the Hounslow and Richmond Community Healthcare NHS Trust premises will be considered on an individual basis, as per the application process.       

Project coordination

The purpose and context of the which the film is to be used should be stated in advance in writing, together with the planned dates for filming and a summary of departments to be involved. 

The producers and film crew should be named and a contact number obtained. The HRCH filming application form must be completed by the production company/film crew and signed off by the trust. 

Patients/public or HRCH staff cannot be filmed under any circumstances unless prior agreement is sought from the trust as part of the initial application process. Every patient/member of public or staff member being filmed must complete and sign a patient consent form. If under 16 years of age, the parent or guardian must complete the form. 

The producer and film crew must wear photo ID badges identifying their organisation (this must be provided by the film company). 

Authorisation will be given on the understanding that it may be withdrawn at any point if either a patient or member of staff does not consent to filming. 

If requested by the trust, the company must show the final version of the film before broadcasting to ensure matters of confidentiality are not breached. 

Filming should not interfere with the normal running of the ward/dept. Film may be used only for the purpose identified in the application.      


Due to supervision, security and administration, a non-negotiable fee is payable for any filming or photography at Hounslow and Richmond Community Healthcare NHS Trust’s sites - depending in the size, scale and scope of your production. Contact the trust's communications team, details below, to discuss your proposal.

Filming guidelines and application form:

For further information, please refer to the HRCH filming guidelines

If you have any queries about filming at HRCH or on the application process, please contact the trust's communications team by emailing or calling:   020 8973 3143 / 3139.

To be considered, the HRCH filming application must be completed and returned to the trust's communications team: A decision will be made within 10 working days of receipt of the application.

Please don’t include personal information