By 2023 we want to be at the forefront of improving the health and wellbeing of our local population.

People who experience care from HRCH will be able to describe that they have had an outstanding experience and we will be able to demonstrate that care is consistently safe and effective. We will do this in a way that uses resources efficiently and adds the greatest value.

Strategic Plan 2018-23

Summary leaflet

Our strategic priorities have been developed in the context of current national and local NHS policy and what we know about the needs of our local population.

From our vision and ambition for the future we have derived a set of four strategic priorities, which describe the broad areas of focus to direct our activities over the next 3-5 years.


  • Focus on prevention
  • Commit to improving health outcomes through partnerships
  • Pledge to consistently deliver outstanding care
  • Focus on safety and reducing harm
  • Provide patient-centred, holistic and compassionate care
  • Embed a culture of continuous learning and improvement
  • Clearly articulate our service offer
  • Deliver outstanding patient and staff experience


  • Promote health and wellbeing
  • Actively engage with people who use our services, the wider community, our staff ad partners to improve the care we provide
  • Attract, develop and value our highly skilled and engaged staff who are proud to work at HRCH
  • Harness the skills and expertise within our local community
  • Leaders inspire new ideas and encourage innovation
  • Shared belief in, and commitment to, achieving our vision
  • Provide support to enable people to achieve their potential
  • Appreciate difference and celebrate diversity

Co-ordinated, patient-centred care

  • Co-design services that meet the needs of our population in health and illness
  • Play a key role in integrating physical, mental health and social care services
  • Build partnerships to transform services in the best interests of the population
  • Be an effective partner and easy to work with


  • Create clinically sustainable and financially affordable systems and solutions
  • Use resources effectively to make the best use of tax payer's money
  • Standardise and optimise, where possible, to reduce unwarranted variation
  • Secure opportunities to grow and expand

The HRCH Way sets out our ambition for the organisation. Our achievements to date have enabled us to build a strong foundation to be at the heart of developing local integrated care systems.

We are ambitious to capitalise and build on innovative ways of working, test out new ideas by taking considered risks, and explore new markets and opportunities. We will have the confidence to do things differently to deliver our vision:

  • Thinking global, acting local
  • Being a good partner
  • Delivering outstanding services
  • Having a strong future

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