Whitton Corner art project

IMG_4153[7].JPGAn application was made to match-fund an art project at the new Whitton Corner Health and Social Care Centre, in order to improve the patient experience for visitors and improve the working environment for staff and patients, whilst improving the aesthetics of the building and the local environment that the building serves. 

The remaining funds required for the artwork project were provided by / match-funded by the LIFT (Local Improvement Finance Trust) Programme from Community Health Partnerships (CHP) – a subsidiary of the Department of Health. 

Key aims of project:  

The key aims of the application were to: 

  • Create a focal piece of art that is visually engaging and visible for both patients, as well as those passing the building by on foot or by car.
  • Create a positive therapeutic environment for patients.
  • Enhance the identity of the building, and generate pride in those that work at or visit Whitton Corner.
  • Amplify the quality and appearance of the environment for the benefit of patients and the wider public.
  • Engage patients and local people's imaginations and draw them together in conversation. 


Application process and scope of project: 

Following approval of the application for funding, an art committee was formed and following a number of proposal reviews, Henna Nadeem was selected as the chosen artist. Henna Nadeem’s proposal was to create a piece of art to be applied to the large area of glazing at the corner of the building, creating artwork that would be highly visible, both for users of the building as well as anyone passing by the busy junction.   

The theme was based upon the history of the wildflowers in Crane Park – a local nature reserve situated less than half a kilometre from the Whitton Corner site – focussing on the healing properties of plants and flowers. A recent meadow planting scheme at Crane Park included wildflowers, many of which contained natural remedies and healing properties. 

The Wildflower Meadows in Crane Park is a popular feature in the park and has transformed the area for many local people - as well as enriching the park’s biodiversity. The meadows have also been the focus of much community volunteer work in maintaining the planting scheme and are also a popular site for amateur photographers, who often post their images online. 

Henna Nadeem’s artwork, mounted within the glazing of the glass wall, takes the theme of a pixelated view of the different coloured petals within the meadow.  

Project feedback and evaluation: 

The art work at Whitton Corner has been greatly appreciated by patients, staff and visitors: 

Alastair Chorlton, Whitton Corner’s Building Manager said: “The art work in Whitton Corner provides a bright and cheerful feel to the Building. It merges in well with the decorative patterns on the main windows and provides a feeling of light on the reception areas and corridors. 

“Since the installation, we have received many positive comments from both patients and visitors that the vibrant colours add light and a feeling of space within the health centre. The common theme of wildflowers and the meadow certainly brings together a harmonious, community sprit to the building.” 

Stephen Swords, Chairman of Hounslow and Richmond Community Healthcare NHS Trust said: “We are aware that patients often feel apprehensive when visiting healthcare environments, so we felt it important to try and create a calming and attractive environment at Whitton Corner, in part through the placement of art.

“The project has certainly transformed Whitton Corner and has improved the environment and experience for our patients, staff and visitors.”

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