Case studies

Teddington Memorial art project

An application was made to purchase a number of pieces of art for Teddington Memorial Hospital in order to enhance the environment for patients, staff and the public. The funds were used to purchase 30 varied pieces of art, ranging from original paintings and commissioned graphic design, to historic photographs and prints of the area. Visitors to the hospital will be able to see the artwork on display in many different areas of the hospital, including the inpatients unit, outpatients waiting area, the hospital’s day room, the upstairs rehab corridor, the pharmacy waiting area, amongst others.

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Whitton Corner art project

An application was made to match-fund an art project at the new Whitton Corner Health and Social Care Centre, in order to improve the patient experience for visitors and improve the working environment for staff and patients, whilst improving the aesthetics of the building and the local environment that the building serves.

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Dementia games project

Over £800 donated to HRCH’s Charitable Fund went towards buying games and musical instruments for dementia patients at Teddington Memorial Hospital (TMH). The money bought various musical instruments and games to provide patients at TMH’s rehab gym with physical and mental stimulation.

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Wheelchair service sleep system

Hounslow wheelchair service has used charitable funds to develop an innovative new scheme to support Hounslow patients with complex disabilities at night.

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