Dementia games project

Jane Gove (far left) and the team with the donated games.JPGOver £800 donated to HRCH’s Charitable Fund went towards buying games and musical instruments for dementia patients at Teddington Memorial Hospital (TMH).

The money bought various musical instruments and games to provide patients at TMH’s rehab gym with physical and mental stimulation, including: 

  • a bingo machine
  • board games
  • playing cards
  • colourful bean bags
  • a basketball kit   

Playing games - such as bingo - can be highly therapeutic for people with cognitive disorders. 

Games help to stimulate memories and allows the brain to make new neurological connections - and can also prevent loneliness by allowing patients to participate in social activities. 

Jane Dove, the manager for the occupational therapists at TMH who put in the request to buy the equipment, said: “I’m so pleased that we were able to buy patients games to play with as it is very important that people with dementia remain physically and mentally active. It’s a very positive message to send out to the community.”

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