Meet the volunteers

In this section, we'll meet some of the volunteers who give their time to support local NHS services in Hounslow and Richmond.



Noel is a greeter at Teddington Memorial Hospital

Noel - Volunteer at TMH.jpg"I started volunteering for the Trust during the pandemic at the vaccination centre in Teddington Health and Social Care Centre.

"When the vaccinations stopped, they invited me to come and do this new role greeting and supporting members of the public at the entrance of Teddington Hospital. I do some other volunteering as well, so I’m used to interacting with the public and helping people on their way.

"There are lots of different services at the hospital and people often aren’t clear where to go. Having a friendly face who can help them find a quick solution can make all the difference.

"They may be experiencing a lot of pain or anxiety, so you must be understanding and supportive. I get a tremendous amount of satisfaction by doing something worthwhile and making someone’s difficult day that much easier by providing some assurance, with a friendly welcome.

"I live locally and I used the hospital myself just a few weeks ago when I injured my arm, so I can vouch for the value of the service we have here to the community.

"As a volunteer, we get frequent contact from Liz, our administrator, keeping us updated and thanking us for what we’re doing, making us feel appreciated. That’s very important when you’re not working with a supervisor face- to-face. It’s very useful to have that kind of support.

"For someone considering a volunteering role at HRCH, I’d say get in touch and come and experience it for yourself. Each person will find a role particular to them, and you’ll quickly see how you can add value."


Erika is one of our exercise class support volunteers.

“I'm very excited to be a part of the volunteer team at HRCH!

"I've recently graduated university where I studied herbal medicine. Throughout this degree I've discovered my passion - supporting and connecting with people.

"I truly believe in the power of a smile or an uplifting conversation. Volunteering is a great opportunity to find purpose and spread joy to those around you. I'm so happy to have found this role where I can do just that, and be of value to my community in an impactful way.”

We're delighted to welcome Erika to the team.

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