Global fellowship for Patient Safety Lead

12 January 2024

Mel Whitfield.png

Mel Whitfield, associate director of patient safety, clinical governance and risk management at HRCH and Kingston Hospital, has recently completed a fellowship programme with the Patient Safety Movement Foundation.

The Global Interprofessional Patient Safety Fellowship is focused on developing lifelong global patient safety leaders from a variety of backgrounds, locations and disciplines, enabling them to expand their knowledge in the theory and practice of patient safety.

Mel is the only UK candidate to have undertaken the highly competitive fellowship in 2023, and one of only eight people globally to have completed the programme to date.

Nic Kane, Chief Nurse at HRCH and Kingston Hospital, said: “I am really proud to work alongside Mel. Her specialist skills are highly valued and I am so grateful for all her work across both organisations.

"Mel is incredibly passionate and committed to ensuring we remain focused on patient safety, through everything we do and I am delighted to see her hard work and dedication recognised through the Global Interprofessional Patient Safety Fellowship. Really well done, Mel. Many congratulations and thank you for your exceptional work.”

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