Children's Community Nursing Service (Richmond)

We are a team of registered children’s nurses, health care support staff and administrators who work with parents and carers of children with acute, chronic, complex health or palliative care needs. The service encompasses Children’s Continuing Care (both Richmond and Kingston boroughs) and Children’s Community Nursing (Richmond).

Children’s Community Nursing: The team will manage children with a nursing need such as intravenous antibiotics, central line management, post-operative care, wound checks, home oxygen or vital signs monitoring e.g. blood pressure.

Children’s Continuing Care: The service will also assess children in line with the national framework for children and young people’s continuing care (2016) and if eligible short break care (respite care) provided as appropriate via the Care Commissioning Group (CCG). Please note we are an assessment only service and care packages are only arranged and implemented by the CCG.

The service as a whole aims to provide the  nursing care, support and education needed to enable parents and carers to manage their child’s health condition at home. Where possible, we also work to enable early discharge from hospital and avoid hospital readmissions.

This supports feedback that children and their families can find it easier to receive treatment at home, rather than attending hospital, for certain conditions. When arranging the plan of care, our team also take into consideration the care and support needed by the wider family, including parents and carers enabling us to deliver the best possible family centered care.

020 3903 3650


Children’s Continuing Care:

Whitton Corner Health and Social Care Centre
Percy Road

The team is made up of Children’s Nurses with administrative support as follows:

  • Claire Williams - Clinical Service Manager
  • Sarah Glencrose - Clinical Service Manager
  • Jess Donnelly - Team Leader
  • Lisa White - Team Administrator

Nursing Team:

  • Amy Duguid - Children's Community Nurse
  • Lisa Gunter - Children's Community Nurse

Children’s Continuing Care Assessment service:

  • Elizabeth Nunn - Children’s Community Nurse
  • Nicola Thomas - Children’s Community Nurse

Referrals are accepted for children and young people under the age of 18 with a Richmond GP, children visiting the borough can also be seen if appropriate.

Referrals are accepted from anyone, including healthcare professionals, educational services, social services, carers and families providing a pre-existing health condition has been diagnosed. Once a child has been referred, a nurse will undertake a full nursing assessment and agree a plan of care with Parents/Carers and child. Some children may have needs that our team cannot meet, in which case we will refer them to the appropriate service. It is rare that we can not meet a child’s health care needs.

We will make every effort possible to book appointments in advance at a time and in a setting convenient for you. This could be at home, in a clinic or at school. Occasionally our nurses might be delayed or our clinics may overrun. If we expect to be more than 30 minutes late, we will inform you. Please note morning or afternoon appointments are offered where home visits are necessary, no specific time is given to facilitate streamlined patient visit routes which are subject to change at any time.

The team provide a service Monday to Friday 

Telephone: 08.00-16.00

Nursing Care: 08.30-16.30