HRCH and Kingston Hospital Strategic Objectives

We know that working together with other local health and care organisations means we are better able to provide the kind of joined up health and care services that local people want – services which are fair for all and provide good value for money.

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HRCH and Kingston Hospital have developed a set of shared strategic objectives, which we will be reviewing each year.

Our shared objectives diagram

Thriving places

Objective What this will mean What does success look like?
Improve the health and wellbeing of our population Local people live socially connected, healthy, independent lives. We promote early intervention and prevent avoidable illness
  • With system partners, we will assess a range of measures that charts changes in population life expectancy, cause-specific mortality rates, numbers of new and existing cases of specific diseases (i.e. incidence and prevalence), and self-perceived health.
Strengthen care and support in our places Develop Integrated Neighbourhood Teams and bring care and support closer to home
  1. Established Integrated Neighbourhood Teams (INT) in all Primary Care Network (PCN) areas in Kingston and Richmond.
  2. Deliver the Proactive Anticipatory Care model and consequently reduce the number of frail, elderly people being admitted to hospital settings.
  3. Reduce the organisational barriers that inhibit joined-up, integrated care.
  4. Virtual ward capacity is, on average, at least 90% utilised.
Reduce inequalities Value all people alike, target our resources and attention to where it is most needed
  • Reduce the ‘gap’ between the assessed health of the highest and lowest socio-economic communities within our local population by 5%.
Make our communities the most environmentally sustainable in London Reduce waste and nurture green spaces; making the natural environment part of the patient experience and the working lives of staff
  1. Reduce our organisational carbon footprint (measured through tonnes of CO2 emissions) by 20% over the next 3 years.
  2. Increase biodiversity spaces on Trust sites by 25% over the next 2 years.

Thriving services

Objective What this will mean What does success look like?
Strive for excellence in care delivery and deliver our Quality Priorities The provision of ‘best in class’ treatment and care for our patients who access our services
  1. Achievement of our Quality Priority measures
  2. We are externally assessed or self-assess our services as being ‘Outstanding’ in accordance with the national CQC framework.
Develop our elective service offering; working with South West London partners To become recognised for certain highly-specialist procedures and to increase our support to tertiary partners through majoring in high volume, low complexity procedures
  1. Receive regional/national recognition, awards or accreditation for our specialist work
  2. Increases in volume and productivity of our selected areas of high volume, low complexity work.
Develop and lead on the South West London Community Services Strategy To develop an exemplar and far-reaching community service that provides the ‘oil and glue’ of integrated care
  • Present and launch the SWL Community Services Strategy at the SWL Integrated Care Board.
Improve our digital capabilities To develop our IM&T systems so they are enablers of high quality care; supporting staff and excellent clinical outcomes
  1. Improving staff feedback on the user-friendliness of digital systems
  2. Delivery of the Year 1 of the Digital Strategy Objectives
Improve our economic sustainability We move closer to financial break-even whilst ensuring greater utilisation of our estate assets
  1. Improve upon our £19.7m 23/24 financial forecast
  2. At least 50% of our financial efficiencies are delivered through recurrent, transformational activitie
  3. Improve site utilisation by 30%, as evidenced through digital utilisation surveys
  4. Reduce bureaucracy and duplication through corporate consolidation

Thriving people

Objective What this will mean What does success look like?
Develop a unique reward, support and development offer to our people as a USP– our Thriving People Compact The very best staff seek employment with us because of our unique support offer; and equally fully understand what is expected of them in return
  1. Our staff report being better supported by the organisation than in the previous 12 months (survey)
  2. Quantifiable increases in ‘take-up’ of workforce support offers
  3. An improvement in our workforce ‘stability’ score
  4. A reduction in staff turnover
  5. National recognition/accreditation of our Compact
Ensure our workforce reflects the communities we serve at all levels, relatable leadership and cultural competency at all levels Emphasising our diversity as a strength which we celebrate and actively promote
  1. Improved performance on Workforce Race Equality Standards and Workforce Disability Standards and Gender pay gap
  2. Publicly celebrate an aspect of our workforce diversity each month of the year.
Make ‘bottom-up’ engagement with our people the standard way of progressing positive organisational change All staff have the opportunity to contribute to organisational strategy and transformational ambition and are able to contribute ideas for improvement
  1. Our staff report being able to shape what happens in their department and/or the wider organisation (survey)
  2. Positive feedback arising from specific staff engagement processes through formal evaluation.

We are currently engaging with our stakeholders to develop our ten-year strategy, which will be published on this page once finalised.

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